Ponyflo Brand Story


I love working out, but found that the only time I could make time to go was before work, so I would hop out of bed, throw on a traditional baseball cap and go hit the gym. I would pull my ponytail out of the opening in the back of the hat, but found that it was set too low and uncomfortable.  Further, it was cumbersome to pull my hair through that small opening.  My husband runs a fashion accessories company and when I told him about this problem, he suggested that I design a solution. I studied industrial design and worked as a design strategist for Samsung electronics, and knew there had to be a better way.


I got a hold of a bunch of caps and started cutting and sewing different concepts, until I came up with one that finally worked. I knew that the opening had to be big enough so I  could comfortably pull my hair through, and that it should be easily opened and closed. Most importantly, I wanted the opening to be high so I can wear my ponytail higher on my crown to be natural and comfortable, all without compromising the shape of the hat.  The last touch was to use a high quality Velcro closure that was tangle-free.


Once we got the prototypes made, I invited over a group of my friends and they all loved the hat, but what surprised me most is that a few of them came over with their hair in a bun and loved that they didn’t have to fuss with it, but could simply snap the hat on.


What I’m most proud of is that this is one of the first baseball hats that have been designed by a woman for women. I hope that you enjoy the Ponyflo hats as much as we do.  Thank you!


Minsun Kim

Founder and Creative director of Ponyflo