The First-Ever Patented Ponytail Is Every Stylish Fitness Gal’s Must-Have Accessory

The First-Ever Patented Ponytail Is Every Stylish Fitness Gal’s Must-Have Accessory
If there is one season that inspires us to step up our serotonin-boosting workout, it’s definitely summer. However, there is one thing that keeps getting in the way of championing the year’s buzzy workout trends (both literally and figuratively): hair, hair, and more hair. While we know that touching our hair during workouts can stimulate even more oil production, it’s notoriously hard to actually wear baseball caps to shield ourselves from the blazing sun while having our hair up in a high pony or a braid - they just don’t fit!

The ponytail hat that just gets it.

That’s exactly why Minsun Kim, the Founder and Creative Director of Ponyflo set hair mind to revolutionize the old-time-classic performance hats for the gym and make them fit our current fitness wear demands: comfort, style, and functionality.

Kim struggled with pulling her ponytail through the tiny opening at the back of the hat to secure her hair in place before her workouts. It didn’t take long for her to start cutting and sewing different concepts on a bunch of caps until she came up with one that finally worked. ” I wanted the opening to be high so I could wear my ponytail higher, which is more natural and comfortable.” Kim mentioned and that’s how the innovative ponytail hat was born. A brand new performance line aiming to be the best hat on the market.

Ponyflo’s patented baseball caps will change the way you feel about fitness fashion

Thanks to the patented Elastafit™ Secure design, Ponyflo’s baseball caps are completely open in the back to allow your hair to comfortably slide out! The ponytail-approved design features a tangle-free closure that will never catch your hair. Plus, they wrap and #STAY ON STRONG around the head and control your hair to help you stay in the zone during your workout. That’s not all! The patented baseball are crafted with a technically advanced fabric that is UPF50+, a premium moisture-wicking sweatband, and an anti-glare brim for extra comfort and sun protection.

The women-owned business quickly gained a cult following of avid fitness gals eager to give their strands some extra love - and keep their post-workout hair in check without forgoing style. Whether you are a sworn minimalist or believe that dopamine-dressing prevails every single time, these ponytail hat styles will seamlessly match your aesthetic.

Best ponytail hat styles for your next warm-weather workouts

Nadia Performance Ponyflo Cap – PONYFLO HATS

Boasting technically advanced fabric that is UPF50+ for maximum sun protection, the NADIA performance hat promises to be your new workoutmate. It features a 4-way stretch and an anti-glare brim as well as a built-in sweatband to keep you comfy during all your future fitness-related activities. The patented Elastafit™ Secure design that is completely open in the back will keep your high pony in place and the unique hook and loop closure will NEVER catch your hair. It’s currently available in 4 colors to match your fitness attire with ease.

Ariana Performance Ponyflo Cap – PONYFLO HATS

The Ariana performance hat shares the same innovative characteristics as Ponyflo’s patented baseball caps with one key difference. The laser perforated side panels allow for optimized ventilation which makes it perfect for mid-day workouts. It’s available in 7 colors from all-white to unapologetically-bold hot pink!

If you are into high-intensity sports, Ponyflo’s Bri performance hat is the best option for you. Aside from the innovative Elastafit™ Secure design that meets all your high pony needs and it also features the anti-glare brim, UPF50+, a premium built-in sweatband, AND honeycomb texture for advanced breathability. The women-owned business engineered the new performance line to be the best hat on the market, and Bri certainly lives up to that promise.

Don't forget to take a look at Ponyflo's athleisure "Active" hat collection or browse the "Classic" cotton baseball caps line as well.

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