Ponyflo’s Gym Hats Are Every Woman’s Best Fitness Buddies That #StayOnStrong!

Ponyflo’s Gym Hats Are Every Woman’s Best Fitness Buddies That #StayOnStrong!
While most fashion-savvy gals wear their baseball caps as a part of their daily street style uniform, avid fitness enthusiasts have a few more demands from their go-to performance hats for the gym. Especially if you were graced with long hair, finding the right hat that meets all your quality, fit and style demands can be quite the hassle.

“Pulling my ponytail through the opening in the back of the hat was uncomfortable because the opening was set too low," shares Minsun Kim, the Founder and Creative Director of Ponyflo, the innovative performance hat brand that has taken the fitness fash word by storm.

As Kim explains, It was very cumbersome to pull her hair through such a small opening in the back of the hat. That’s why she set her mind to create the ultimate ponytail-approved hat for all our future fitness endeavors.

Ponyflo hats are not-your-basic baseball hats. Instead of an itsy-bitsy opening, Ponyflo is hats are completely open in the back to allow your hair to comfortably slide out! Unlike our regular hats, Kim’s collection features a high opening to comfortably wear your ponytail higher, which, as she explains, is more natural and comfortable. On top of that, they carry a tangle-free closure so that we’ll never catch our hair again.

Ponyflo’s Elastafit™ Secure design is here to help us keep our focus on our fitness goals with its cool, smooth fit and sweat-wicking properties.

If you are on a quest to maintain the natural oils of your hair to protect them against frizz, breakage, and split ends, I would suggest swapping your existing gym hat with Ponyflo’s brand new satin-lined cap collection. This particular line was designed to help lock in your hair’s moisture that regular baseball caps can absorb. Plus, the performance hats come in a slew of cute colors to choose from.

To top it all off, Ponyflo also carries an extensive range of utterly adorable kids’ hats as well as bucket hats and beanies to accompany you in all your future adventures.

Whether you want to shield your face from the sun all year round during your fitness time outdoors or keep your hair out of the way with a performance hat for the gym, Ponyflo’s collections definitely have you covered.

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