Building An Inclusive Community Of Inspirational Athletes - One Patented Performance Hat At A Time

Building An Inclusive Community Of Inspirational Athletes - One Patented Performance Hat At A Time

Friends, we are here to stage a performance hat intervention. So please, just put down that hair-tangling baseball cap with the inexplicably placed, itsy bitsy opening. No, we don’t mean that you should not keep your hair out of your face during your future athletic activities. On the contrary, in our wellness-center era of uniform-like devotion to premium activewear, Ponyflo’s patented baseball caps are designed with every lifestyle, schedule, and taste in mind— best symbolized by the diversity of runners, golfers, and all other athletes who represent them.

It All Started With A Vision & A Lust For Comfort

What started as a humble passion project by Founder and Creative Director, Minsun Kim, a fellow fitness enthusiast who grew extremely tired of pulling her ponytail through the back opening of her basic baseball caps, has now blossomed into a community of inspirational athletes from all backgrounds.

It doesn't take long to spot Ponyflo’s hat for high ponytail at trail runs in NY, at the busiest city gyms, at sun-soaked golf courts, or adorning the heads of Olympian athletes and passionate hikers. Now, through Run Club, new runners and routine runners join together under their love for dopamine-boosting workouts with fun zoom calls, exclusive discount codes, Ponyflo active hat gifts, and access to exclusive events.

So what do all these strong-minded athletes with powerful voices who are inspiring others to follow their lead have in common? A collective lust for comfortable, high-performing and stylish activewear that supports their fitness-centered lifestyles - without interfering with their performance.

Ponyflo’s Patented Baseball Caps: The Performance Collection


Designed with premium fabrics and materials, Ponyflo’s hat for high ponytail — the Ponyflo Performance — is built to withstand the toughest workouts and all types of weather conditions. Featuring the innovative Elastafit™ Secure patented design, the hat is completely open in the back to allow your hair to comfortably slide out! This way, you’ll be able to secure your hat around your head and control your hair during high and low-impact workouts. Plus, the tangle-free closure that will never catch your hair - which is the most persistent issue with regular baseball caps.

Wait, there is more. The patented baseball hats are made from technically advanced fabric that is UPF50+ water-resistant on the outside and sweat absorbent on the inside. Now, if you consider that they also carry an anti-glare brim for extra comfort and sun protection as well as reflective piping for high visibility, you’ll quickly realize why there are so many Ponyflo hat reviews raving about the quality and performance of this collection online and IRL.

Join the #StayOnStrong community~

If you are a passionate fitness enthusiast with a never-ending last for premium athletic wear, join our community and put the raved-about Ponyflo hat for high ponytail to the test ASAP. Oh, and don’t forget to check our other collections as well. ACTIVE is the perfect athleisure like for recreational workouts and for on-the-go after; CLASSIC will be your casual, wear-me-everywhere staple, and the OUTDOOR bucket, beanie, and sun hat are all street style-approved styles for the city and beyond. 

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    I’m impressed by your dedication to inclusivity and creating a community of inspirational athletes. Your patented performance hats not only offer functional benefits but also serve as a symbol of empowerment and unity. By featuring diverse athletes and sharing their stories, you’re promoting representation and encouraging others to pursue their athletic dreams.

    I appreciate how you highlighted the importance of performance and innovation in your hat designs. The combination of breathable fabrics, moisture-wicking properties, and adjustable features demonstrates your commitment to providing athletes with comfortable and functional headwear. It’s wonderful to see how you prioritize both style and performance in your products.

    Furthermore, your emphasis on giving back and supporting charitable causes is truly inspiring. Your partnership with various organizations and commitment to donating a portion of your profits to important causes shows your genuine dedication to making a positive impact. It’s heartwarming to see a brand that goes beyond just selling products and actively works to uplift others.

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