Qwench Ponyflo Hat with Mask

  • $14.99
  • $24.99

Introducing Qwench by Ponyflo! Never worry about taking your mask off to eat or drink again with our convenient and innovative new hat & mask combination that allows you to wear your Ponyflo and mask, open your mask when you need it, and close it securely when you’re done. Designed with an adjustable and removable mask for maximum convenience and comfort.

  • One size fits most.
  • Made with high quality antibacterial polyester fabric.
  • Provides ultimate UV protection.
  • Includes a built-in mesh fabric sweatband to wick moisture.
  • Comfortable to wear for leisure or athletic activities.
  • Machine wash cold on delicate cycle (put hat and mask in a pillowcase for extra protection).
  • Air dry, do not machine dry.