Hat Rack
Hat Rack

Hat Rack

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Ponyflo hats are designed for active and performance. While hand washing is always most gentle, you may want deeper cleaning so we are offering the Rack.

The Rack allows you to confidently wash your Ponyflo without worrying about the impact of the machine, so you can wear your Ponyflo clean and confident.

  • We still recommend spot cleaning when possible.
  • Only use cold water and a delicate cycle when using the washing machine. 
  • Do not put in dryer- remove from rack and air dry. 

Style Number: BCW001

Why Ponyflo?

Elastafit™ Secure

The only hat designed to completely open in the back. Effortlessly put on your Ponyflo and let your hair out!

Tangle Free Closure

Put your Ponyflo on with confidence with our unique hook and loop closure that will NEVER catch your hair.